Vismio is an interactive tool for exploring, analysing and visualising data.
Colour key (hover over to filter)
In the above interactive example 1,460 company funding records (from TechCrunch) are visualised. Each round of funding is represented by a circle. The larger the circle the larger the amount raised.
Vismio allows tabular data such as:
to be explored in different configurations.
For example we could group the TechCrunch data by industry and colour each circle by the funding round:
Any tabular data can be loaded in. Here's data from the Electoral Commission on Brexit spending:
Every 12,360 expenses has been visualised. Grouping is by entity (e.g. Vote Leave Limited, Labour Party etc.) and the circles are coloured by expense type. Here we filter to show just the Media expenses:
Vismio is in early stages and I'd love to hear any feedback (e.g. what features you'd like to see). Contact me at
Thanks for your interest! Peter Cook (@animateddata).